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Sujanpur Fort lies in the Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh. Get information on Sujanpur Fort of India.

Sujanpur Fort

Location: Hamirpur district
Highlights: Exquisite wall paintings and frescoes in the Baradari Hall

Sujanpur FortSituated in the Hamirpur district, Sujanpur Fort stands tall on the banks of River Beas. This fort, being perched on top of a hill, is popularly known as 'Tira' and was built by Raja Abhaya Chand in 1758. Raja Sansar Chand, known for his love and patronage of Kangra and Pahari School of miniature paintings, lived here in the early nineteenth century. The fort served as his refuge, after he lost the famous Kangra Fort to the Britishs.

The exquisite wall paintings and frescoes in the Baradari Hall of Sujanpur Fort stand as a testimony to his love for art. The hall, used by the king to hold court, has twelve chambers. These chambers were used as seats of honor for other Rajas, who used to visit Raja Sansar Chand. There are some beautiful shrines inside the fort complex. One of the most popular attractions of Sujanpur Fort is Lambagraon Palace that used to serve as the residence of the royalty.

Gauri Shankar Temple, situated at the southern end of the Sujanpur Fort, is famous for life-size statues of Lord Shiva and His consort Goddess Parvati, in 'ashtadhatu' (eight elements). The fort was once known for its magnificence and splendor. However, the devastating earthquake of 1905 that shook the Kangra region left it mostly in ruins. Still, Sujanpur Fort has not lost its glory completely and is still visited by tourists in large numbers.