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The valley of Kashmir in India is home to a number of picturesque lakes.

Lakes in Kashmir

Lake in KashmirA visit to the lakes of Kashmir is a must for those on a tour to the valley. In fact, the city of Srinagar itself is quite famous for its lakes. Peace, serenity, calm, tranquility all defines the beautiful lakes of Kashmir. Apart from that, the delightful backdrop of the lakes almost leaves you speechless. Then, there are the amazing shikaras and houseboats on the lake that further add to the enjoyment. Some of the famous lakes in Kashmir are:

Dal Lake
The Dal Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes, not only in Kashmir, rather in the whole of India. It is the second largest lake in Kashmir and is almost 6 km by 3 km in size. The main attractions of the lake are the encircling mountains, blossoming gardens and orchards, Shikaras andHouseboats.

Nagin Lake
Nagin Lake, a subsidiary of the Dal Lake, is regarded as a separate lake. Swimming, diving and boating are some of its major attraction. Its picturesque locales consist of Shankaracharya hill, Hari Parbat and a number of willow and poplar trees along its banks.

Manasbal Lake
Located approximately 28 km from Srinagar is the charming Manasbal Lake. It is one of the largest natural haunts of aquatic birds In Kashmir.

Anchar Lake
Situated amongst scenic surroundings, the Anchar Lake is best enjoyed with the help of a Shikara. The lake serves as a bird watcher's paradise. A large number of exotic bird species can be seen here.