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In this article, we are giving a number of tips for handling guides in Kashmir, India.

Tourist Guides

Hiring tourist guides, while visiting a new place is a good idea. Otherwise, you are likely to miss excellent, but little known, attractions of the place. You if you are planning to visit the Kashmir valley, it will prove to be beneficial to hire a tourist guide for local sightseeing etc. Tourist guides in Kashmir are easily available and most of them speak fluently in English. Some of them even know French, German, Japanese, etc.

However, one needs to exercise a little caution while hiring as well as while dealing with the tourist guides in Kashmir, as well as any other city in India. Given below are some tips for handling Kashmir guides:
  • Try to avoid hiring tourist guides that are not registered with the government or the tourism department. However, you can always hire the ones recommended by your hotel authorities.
  • Don't get too friendly with the guides. Be polite and give them due respect, but maintain a little distance.
  • Do not talk about money matters or take out too much cash in front of them.
  • Just like everywhere else, you can always bargain with the tourist guides in Kashmir also.
  • If you want, you may give some money in advance. However, reserve the major portion of the tip till the end of their service.