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The Sivaganga palace is situated in the Sivaganga district of Tamilnadu.

Sivaganga Palace

Location: Sivaganga, 40 Km from Madurai, Tamilnadu
Built in: 1730s
Famous As: Gowri Vilasam

Sivaganga Palace IndiaThe Sivaganga palace, also called "Gowri Vilasam", is situated in the Sivaganga district about 40 km from Madurai. It was once the seat of Marava kings. At present the palace is in dilapidated condition but the architectural beauty can still be appreciated. The architectural style of the palace reflects elements borrowed from the Thirumalai Nayak's period and infused with Rajputana arts.

Inside the Palace

The Temple of Sri Raja Rajeshwari
The only portion intact at the Gowri Vilasam is the temple of Sri Raja Rajeshwari. It is the family deity of the royal family. Sri Raja Rajeshwari temple is open for the public only in the evenings and on auspicious days. On the Southern part of the temple there is a huge hall supported with numerous pillars. It is believed that the entire royal household functions used to take place there. There is a palanquin in the front facade of the palace that lies in a decrepit condition.

Nadai Kinaru
Nadai Kinaru is another important and interesting feature in the Sivaganga palace. It is actually a miniature swimming pool. It is believed that the tank had direct connections so that fresh water could be provided and also fill two huge tanks beside the Nadai Kinaru. It was apparently meant for the womenfolk of the royal family.

How to Reach Sivaganga Palace
Due to its close proximity to Madurai, Sivaganga is easily accessible to the tourists. Buses and taxis are easily available from Madurai. Madurai is the nearest airport.