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Get to know about shopping in Tanjore/Thanjavur. Shopping in Thanjavur covers shopping attractions and shopping places in Tanjore.

Shopping in Tanjore

hopping in TanjoreTanjore or Thanjavur is known as the cultural capital of peninsular India. It does not come as a surprise then that the city of Tanjore in Tamilnadu is considered a haven for craft lovers. The city is famous for the magnificent and subtle Tanjore paintings that have attracted much demand among the tourists. Apart from the Tanjore paintings, the city is also known for its exquisite handicrafts and handlooms.

The major handicrafts of Tanjore include weaving, painting, jewelry and woodworks among others. These are some of the things that you can shop for in Tanjore. Tanjore has a glorious history of patronizing and producing mesmerizing artifacts. Don't forget to take back some artifacts while shopping in Tanjore.

Silk weaving is a major traditional craft in Tamilnadu and two of its most renowned centers are Kanchipuram and Tanjore. The city of Tanjore specializes in weaving silk saris that have broad border and unique motifs, which are laden with Zari. Don't forget to buy these saris, as they are very popular for weddings and religious occasions.

Nevertheless the thing which is a must buy in Tanjore is a Tanjore Painting. These richly adorned paintings of mostly Hindu deities are quite popular among the tourists. Other minor items that can be shopped include Thalaiyatti Bommai (head-nodding doll), Thanjavur plates and Bronzes.

There are many shops within the city. Several government and private run ones are available in Tanjore that you may explore. As far as Tanjore Paintings are concerned it is always good to visit the craftsmen at work and buy directly from them.