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This article provides information about the Rangdum Gompa, a monastery in Leh Ladakh, India.

Rangdum Gompa

Location: Near Zanskar
Founded In: 18th century

Rangdum Gompa in LadakhThe Rangdum Gompa of Ladakh is situated near the Zanskar region. A major attraction of the area, the monastery dates back to the 18th century. The Ladakh Rangdum Gompa towers above a centrally rising hillock, entrenched around by the bifurcated course of a mountain stream. It houses approximately 40 monks and looks like an ancient fortification that stands as the guardian of a spiritual mountain valley.

The villagers that stay around the Rangdum Monastery of Leh Ladakh are the descendents of the serf-tenants of the monastery. They do not own any land, since, the entire valley including the fields tilled by the villagers- the pastures, hills and even the streams, is the property of the monastery.