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The woodwork and wood carvings of Kashmir are quite popular amongst the handicrafts of India.

Kashmir Wooden Carvings

Kashmir Wooden CarvingsThe wooden carvings of Kashmir are quite popular throughout the country. The exquisite woodcarvings are proof of the skill and talent of the traditional craftsmen of Kashmir. Another one of the reasons for the popularity of the wooden handicrafts of Kashmir is the use of the walnut wood, which is found in the state only. This is because the valley is the only place in India where walnut trees grow. The woodwork products are built out of wood from three parts of the tree - the branches, the trunk and the root.

There is a difference between branch wood and trunk wood. The branch wood has the palest color and no veins, while the trunk wood is the darkest with the strongest marked veins. Amongst all the wooden handicrafts of Kashmir, the ones made out of the root are the costliest. Another reason that leads to differentiation in cost is the originality of the carving and the amount of the carving. Some of the designs carved on wood are that of chinar leaves, vine leaves flowers, etc. The woodwork of Kashmir consists of trinket boxes, jewelry boxes, salad bowls, nut bowls, photo frames, trays, furniture, etc. the cost of the carved wooden furniture depends upon the thickness of the wood used.