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The article brings out the pre-requisite elements for making a wonderful travel trip to Punjab. Read on to find tips for Punjab travelers.

Punjab Travel Tips

The exotic land of Punjab offers a great spot for vacation. The state is well known for its dynamism and activity. It has a number of fairs and festivals, which present an enchanting vision of celebration amidst its smoky hills, blue valleys, rhythmic waterfalls and widespread plantations. The state is highly impressive, owing to its scenic beauty. On top of that, the inhabitants are cordial and amiable. With their warm welcome and acceptability, they make a visit to Punjab all the more interesting. Despite these positive aspects, a vacation is well spent if it is well planned beforehand. This saves time and facilitates you in exploring more of the place. Keeping all these factors in mind, we bring you some travel tips for Punjab, which shall act as the guiding star to everyone visiting the place. They deal with all the essential information, like airport, cuisine, tourist guides, holidays, money exchange, local transport, location, voltage, language and many more such relevant data. These tips can prevent any mishaps from happening and shall help in making your holiday fun, rather than an exertion.

Airports in Punjab
Punjab, the land of five rivers, is a developed state with a well-established airport system. The state is presently gaining more and more importance, owing to its tourism aspect.

Best Time to Visit Punjab
Punjab, "the Land of Granary”, offers a vast gallery of attractions to anyone visiting the place. This fertile land of Punjab is gradually growing as one of the best tourist spots of the country.

Punjabi Cuisine
Punjabis are big-time food lovers, preferring a wide variety in their menu. They are full of life and their food too reflects this liveliness. Punjabi food forms an important part of the North Indian cuisine

Holidays in Punjab
Punjab is a land where the season of festivity prevails over a long period of time. Consequently, there are a number of public holidays in Punjab. And it is necessary to have an idea about these holidays

How to Reach Punjab
Punjab, apart from being one of the most fertile states in India, also finds a place in the most visited tourist destinations of the country. The well-developed connectivity to the state only seeks to add to the tourist rush.

Languages in Punjab
Punjab is a broad panorama of beauty and splendor. Its language is an asset, which is gaining huge popularity among people throughout the country. Punjabi is the official language of the state.

Local Transport in Punjab
Punjab, with a total area of 50,362 square kilometer, has one of the best infrastructure systems in India, be it in any sphere. It boasts of different modes of transport, like buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws

Location of Punjab
Punjab, the land of five rivers, is located at the northwest end of India. It marks a clear demarcation of India from the neighboring country of Pakistan. The state stands surrounded by Pakistan on its west, Jammu

Punjab Map
Punjab is a beautiful state, with so many diversities to boast of. It is considerably large in size, with many tourist locations to attract visitors. For any traveler visiting Punjab.

Money Exchange in Punjab
Like any other Indian state, 'rupee’ is the currency of Punjab. It is available in the denomination of rs 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000. While the first four are available as coins as well as notes

Punjab Photo Gallery
Punjab is an ideal spot for vacation, not only because it has mesmerizing scenery, indefinable art and splendid architecture to boast of, but also because the lively nature of its people works like a charm on you.

Shopping in Punjab
Punjab has a grand collection of handicrafts and handloom products. It enjoys the repute of being one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of handloom products, handicrafts and hosiery goods in India.

Punjab STD Codes
Punjab is a developed state, with a well-established telecom system. The state is soundly connected with the outside world through a wide network of telecom. Almost all the places of Punjab have the facility of phone

Tipping in Punjab
Tipping is a common practice followed in most of the places across the globe today. In Punjab also, tipping has become quite prevalent. Generally, tips are given to the waiters at restaurants and hotels

Punjab Tourist Guides
Tourist guides are the people well versed in the art of articulate public speaking. They are well informed about a place and guide the tourists to its must-see sights.

Voltage in Punjab
The voltage in Punjab is almost the same as used in any other state of India. The output is 220-240 volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If your devices do not work on 240 volts,

Punjab Weather
Punjab is a state with a balanced amalgamation of heat in summer, rain in monsoon and cold in winter. The three seasons are so distinctly distributed that you can enjoy each of them individually.

What to Wear in Punjab
Punjab is the land of lively and dynamic people. This perhaps explains the uncomplicated acceptance of modernization in their dressing style. Though they have very bright and colorful traditional dresses, which form their main attire, they are no way hostile to modern dresses.

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