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This article comprises information on traveling/ reaching/ travelling to Guntur. Check out how to reach Guntur, India.

How to Reach Guntur

Reaching Guntur by TrainGuntur is a city that still boasts of cultural heritage and historical monuments in Andhra Pradesh. In the present times, it has been acknowledged for exporting chilies, tobacco and cotton from India. Besides its commercial success, Guntur offers booming reasons for traveling too. If you have planned to visit this city and pondering over the question 'How to reach', then keep your worries aside because Guntur is well-connected with all parts of the country. Reaching Guntur is easy since the city boasts of a wide network of roads and railways. You can travel to this city

By Air
Hyderabad airport is the major airport that is connected with all the prominent cities of the country. The airport also has quite a few international connections. Guntur is about 300 kms from Hyderabad airport. Chennai Airport is the major international airport serving numerous airlines. It takes 8 hours to reach Guntur from Chennai by rail. Gannavaram is the local airport, having daily flights to Hyderabad and Chennai.

By Train
New Guntur Station is the major station, which is connected with almost all the state capitals along with the four metropolitan cities of India. Apart from this, railway stations at Macherla, Vijayawada, Machilipatnam, Hubli, Tenali and Repalk, serve the needs of travelling to and from Guntur.

By Road
Guntur has a commendable network of roads. It is linked with all the major cities across the country by various national and state highways. Different state and private bus services connect the city to and from all the major places within and outside the district.