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Guntur is a city and district in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Check out the sightseeing tours/ tour in Guntur.

Guntur Tourist Attractions

Guntur, the city of spices, is set amidst the verdant green lands in Andhra Pradesh. The city boasts of enough places that could be a delight for tourists. Despite the fact that there are not as many tourist places here as metropolitan cities, Guntur manages to engage people in its charms. Brindavan Gardens is the major picnic-spot for dwellers to unwind themselves in the town. Apart from this, Man Sarovar is the new man-made park sited in the heart of Guntur city. You can also browse the local markets that offer really nice products. Following places would make up the sightseeing tours/ tour in Guntur.

Uppalapadu Nature Conservation
Uppalapadu is a village situated near Guntur, where nature conservation programme has been initiated. There is a bird sanctuary in the village, which houses Painted Storks, Spotted Pelicans and other migratory birds. The village tanks are somehow different and attract thousands of birds. Earlier these tanks had around 12,000 birds, but now only 7,000 birds are there. Things like incorporating artificial trees, local awareness, adequate water supply to the ponds, etc are observed to marmalade nature.

Viswamandiram is a spiritual place located on the outskirts of Guntur. Known for being the domicile of Sri Viswayogi Viswamji, the place appears to be immersed in the divine nectar. It has the Universal Integration Pillar, which is an envisaged symbol of the oneness of humanity. Here is sited the renowned Viswayogi Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS), a renowned institution of India.