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This article provides information about the Phugtal/ Phugthal/ Pugthal Gompa, a monastery in Leh Ladakh, India.

Phugtal Gompa

Location: Zanskar
Founded In: 12th Century

The Phugtal Gompa of LadakhThe Phugtal Gompa of Ladakh is situated in the Zanskar region, on the opening of a huge cave. This cave is in the mountain face of a lateral gorge through which a major tributary of the southern Lungnak River (Lingti-Tsarap) flows. Said to be the most secluded monastic establishment of Zanskar, the Phugthal Gompa was founded in the early 12th century. The monastery boasts of a number of chapels inside its complex.

However, one of its chapels is adorned with murals and ceiling decorations, reflecting a strong Indian artistic and iconographic influence. Reached through the Padum-Manali trekking route, Pugthal Monastery of Leh Ladakh also serves as the residence for approximately 40 monks.