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To know about the various traditional folk dances of Rajasthan, read the following article.

Rajasthani Dances

Rajasthani DancesA great attraction of Rajasthan is the Rajasthani dances. Bringing alive the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, the dancers present a wide variety of amazing dances. Each and every region of Rajasthan has its own unique style. Mostly, all the dancers in Rajasthan are carrying forward their age-old traditions as well as professions. All these dancers, along with their amazing dances and colorful costumes make Thar the brightest desert in the world.

Some typical forms of Rajasthan Folk Dances are:

A community dance for women performed on auspicious occasions.

Performed only by the men folk on the festival of Holi.

It is a dance in which pots are balanced on the head, along with a lighted lamp. It is generally performed on the occasions of marriage or on the birth of a male child.

The snake charmers of Rajasthan, known as the Kalbelia tribe, perform this dance.

Terah Taali
It is another traditional dance of Rajasthan performed with 13 manjiras. It is a kind of ritual for Baba Ramdev.

It is a kind of puppet dance.

Other Dances
Other folk dance forms of Rajasthan include Raika, Jhoria, Kachhi Ghodi, Fire dance, Drum dance, etc.