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Rajasthan is a melting pot of different religions and cultures.

Religions in Rajasthan

Just like India, Rajasthan comprises of a number of religions. From the predominant Hinduism to the little less present Christianity, Rajasthan is a cultural and religious mixture of sorts. The main religions of Rajasthan, India are:

Of all the Rajasthan religions, the predominant one is Hinduism. This religion consists in the worship of Brahma, Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu, and other gods and goddesses. Along with Hinduism, there is also Arya Samaj (a reforming sect of modern Hinduism). Some of the famous Hindu religious places in Rajasthan are - Nathdwara, Eklingji Shiva Temple, Birla Mandir (temple), Govind Devji Temple, Brahma Temple and so on.

The expansion of Islam in Rajasthan started with the conquest of Ajmer by Muslim invaders in the late 12th century. Ajmer was, in fact, the headquarters of Khwajah Moin-ud-Din Salim Chishti, the Muslim missionary. There is also his famous dargah in Ajmer, known as "Chishti ki Dargah"

Another important and widely followed religion in Rajasthan is Jainism. The main followers of this religion include the trading class and the wealthy section of society. The famous religious places of Jains in Rajasthan include Ossian Jain Temples, Dilwara Jain Temples, Ranakpur Jain Temple and so on.

Another religious sect of Rajasthan includes the Dadupanthis. They are the followers of Dadu, who preached the equality of all men, strict vegetarianism, total abstinence from intoxicating liquor, and lifelong celibacy.

Over the years, the number of Sikhs in Rajasthan has increased to a considerable extent.

The population of Christians in Rajasthan is quite small.