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Read about local slangs of Rajasthan and common words and phrases used in Rajasthan, India.

Rajasthan Slangs

Rajasthan phrases will prove to be quite useful to you, if you are planning a tour of the state. Slangs of Rajasthan, India are quite similar to that of the Hindi language. Some of the major Rajasthani words and phrases are:

I: Main/manne

Come (You come): Aawo, padharo

Came: Aaya chha, padhara chha

Will come: Aawega

Open: Khulo

Opened: Kholyo

Will open: Khul jawega

Sit: Baitho

Walk: Chaal

Eat: Kha

Drink: Piyo

Go: Jawo

Run: Bhago

I go: Main gayo

He goes: Woh ja rayo hai

He is eating: Woh khai rayo hai

Yesterday: Kaal

What is your name: Tharo naam kaain hein?

What: Kaain?

Is: Chhe

Your: Tharo

Name: Naam

What did you do: Tu kaain karyo?

What should I do: Main kaain karoon?

What can I do: Main kaain kar sakoo?

What you had been told: Tanne kaain batayo?

Why did you tell him to go: Tu une jaavane kyu bolyo?

How did you come: Tu kaaiyan aayo? / They kaaiyan aaya?

How much distance to go: Aur kitto door jaano hai?

How was the journey yesterday: Kaal ki yaatra kaiyaan ki hai?

Which way did you come: Tu kun sa rasta se aayo?

Where did you come from: Tu kathi se aayo?

Where should I go: Main kathe jaaun?

Is it the answer: Yo uttar hai kaain?

It is the answer: Yo uttar he.

Yes, of course: Haan, jaroor.

How are you: Tu kiso hai? / They kisaa ho?

I am fine: Main thik thak hu.

Do you love me: Tu manne pyaar kare hai?Yes, I love you: Haan main tanne pyaar karoon.