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Assi Ghat at Varanasi/ Banaras is among the most popular Ganga Ghats in Varanasi, India.

Assi Ghat

Assi Ghat VaranasiAssi is a clay-banked Ghat that stands at the southernmost part of Varanasi where river Assi meets Ganges. This Ghat is the first when you start walking from South towards the Manikarnika. It is mandatory for the pilgrims to bathe at this Ghat before worshipping at a huge lingam under a Peepal tree. There is another Lingam that is worth visit. It is called Asisangameshvara or the "Lord of the Confluence of the Assi". This has been placed in a small marble temple just off the Assi Ghat.

There has been a long held tradition where pilgrims visit the Lolarka Kund next. Lolarka Kund or the tank of "Trembling Sun" is a rectangular tank that is 15 meters below the ground level that is approached by a flight of stairs. This tank has rather sadly been abandoned lately and comes to life only during the Lolarka fair, when thousands come to propitiate the gods to bless them with a son. Interestingly Lolarka Kund is considered one of the two sun-sites that are related to the origin of Hinduism and is considered the oldest site in Varanasi. The Kund is equated with the twelve divisions of the sun and attracts pilgrim on the day of Buddha Purnima. The Assi Ghat is also considered one of the five special ghats that pilgrims are supposed to bathe at in sequence during the ritual route called Panch-tirthi Yatra.