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Rabindra Sadan is the major seat of Bangla art and culture in Kolkata. Explore more about the Rabindra Sadan in Calcutta, West Bengal.

Rabindra Sadan

Rabindra SadanLocation: Junction of A.J.C. Bose Road & Cathedral Road, Kolkata
Founded in: 1961
Highlights: Centre of Bangla art and culture

Kolkata is famous for its cultural expeditions. In fact, it is world-renowned for its rich cultural lineage. There are several cultural centers in the city, of which the most famous is Rabindra Sadan. Located at the junction of A.J.C. Bose Road and Cathedral Road, Rabindra Sadan is a paradise for art lovers. It is actually the hub of the Bengali culture in Kolkata. It has been named after the noble laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore.

Rabindra Sadan, even though its stands near brilliant historical monuments like Victoria Memorial, has manages to retain its own unique identity, of being the centre of Bangla art and culture. The foundation stone of this cultural centre was laid in 1961; however it started functioning from October 1967 only. The complex currently comprises of the Rabindra Sadan stage, Nandan, Bangla Academy and Gaganendra Prodorshonshala.

Rabindra Sadan is a major seat of the Bangla culture and performing arts in the Calcutta city. It is the place where majority of Bangla drama, cultural programmes and exhibitions are held, on a regular basis. In fact, the place is a major of entertainment for the Bengali society. Different plays, dramas and stage performances are held here every evening. Apart from this, many popular film festivals are also organized at this place.