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Gulmarg (Gul Marg) Biosphere Reserve of Kashmir, India has rich and varied flora and fauna.

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

Location: Southwest of Srinagar
Spread Over: 180 sq km
How to Reach: The nearest airport as well as road-link is that of Srinagar. While, the nearest railway station is that of Jammu.
Best Season: Mammal viewing - September to March (in lower areas)
Bird viewing - March to May (in lower areas)
Attractions: Serow, Leopard, Musk Deer, Black Bear, Hangul, Red Fox, Brown Bear, Leopard, etc and a wide variety of birds.

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve in KashmirAt a distance of 48 km, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve lies to the southwest of Srinagar. A number of rare and exotic species like the musk deer have found their home in this Biosphere reserve. A rich and varied flora and fauna are the main attractions of the Gul Marg Biosphere Reserve of Kashmir. Dominating in the rich green cover of the area are the conifers, accounting for over ninety percent of the vegetation. Aesculus indica, Pinus griffithii, Cedrus deodara, Abies pindrow, etc consist of the major species. Embracing the ground of the Kashmir, India Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve are shrubs, consisting of Sorbaria tomentosa, Viburnum spp., Indigofera heterantha, etc., along with the Dicotyledonus herbs.

Wildlife Attractions at Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve
Some of the very much endangered and protected species of animals as well as birds inhabit the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve. The rich wildlife consists of Serow, Leopard, Musk Deer, Black Bear, Hangul, Red Fox, Brown Bear, Leopard, etc. You will spot both resident as well as migratory birds in this Biosphere reserve. Apart from pheasants, the other birds found here are Blue Rock Pigeon, Snow Cock, Jungle Crow, Griffon vulture, Koklas, Kashmir roller, European hoopoe, etc. The best time to see the wild animals is from September to March (in lower areas) and to see birds is March to May (in lower areas).

Tourist and private accommodation as well as camping sites are easily available.