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Cooch Behar forwards its visitors great tourist places to visit near the city. With this article, know about the excursions in Cooch Behar, West Bengal.

Cooch Behar Excursions

Chilapata ForestCooch Behar is synonymous with the grandeur and sumptuousness of the golden era. Home to extravagantly designed palaces and divine temples, the place possesses a rich cultural, historical and traditional heritage that is ancient as well as magnificent. For tourists, Cooch Behar is nothing less than a paradise. Apart from the numerous tourist places within the city, there are umpteen options to explore in the nearby areas as well. In fact, Cooch Behar promises tourists a worthwhile holidaying experience. To get detailed on the excursions in Cooch Behar, read through the following lines.

Excursions From Cooch Behar

Lying 42 km away from Cooch Behar, Rasikbil is a recognized bird sanctuary, sprawling over an area of 2500 hectares. Managed by Coochbehar Forest Division, it is a complex of wet land. Apart from numerous colorful birds, extending a blissful look to the sky above, it has a deer park, an aquarium and a mini zoo. As per records, there are about 66 species of birds herein, making the place a paradise for bird watchers. Some of the migratory birds found here are lesser whistling teal, common teal, cotton teal, dapchick, bronze-winged jacana, pheasant-tailed janacana, shovler, barheaded goose and white eyed poacherd.

Kholta Ecotourism Spot
A picturesque area, Kholta Ecotourism Spot is about 20 km from Cooch Behar, on the Aliporeduar Road. A newly built area, developed by the Cooch Behar Forest Division, the spot offers children park, deer park (sambar & spotted deer) and even a toy train. The area is surrounded by Araikumari riverlet and has an old teak plantation, created by the king of Cooch Behar, nearby. The place is excellent for spending leisure time with family and friends and having picnics or small get-togethers in the lap of nature.

Rajpat Mound
For archeologists and historians, Cooch Behar is the perfect place to be in, thanks to its glorious past, filled with rich culture and heritage. About 35 km from Cooch Behar, Rajpat Mound is a protected monument, managed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Herein, tourists have the opportunity to relive their past and browse through the glories of the bygone era. One can see the remains of a palace and some excavated artifacts and statues here. Each of the artifacts and statues are about a decade old and reflect the charm and charisma of the yesteryears.

One of the most well-known regions in the Jalpaiguri district, Alipurduar offers the tourists great scenic beauty, coupled with amazing forest and wildlife. The region is famous since the colonial period and is a gateway to Bhutan and North- Eastern states of India. Surrounded by deep forests and tea gardens, Alipurduar has two rivers flowing across the town, namely Kaljani and Nonai. The township is an ideal retreat for a family outing. It has something for every age group, making the trip an awesome one.

Chilapata Forest
On the way to Cooch Behar lies the exciting and thrilling venue - Chilapata Forest. It is about 20 km from Alipurduar town, within the Jalpaiguri District. A dense natural wood, the forest is abode of wild animals and rare flora. The forest forms an elephant corridor between Jaldapara and Buxa Tiger Reserve. The Nalraja Garh of the Fort of Nal Kings is a chief attraction of the place. Built during the Gupta period i.e. in the 5th century, the fort has tremendous archeological importance and reminds one of the golden ages, in the history of India.