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Cooch Behar experiences a moderate weather throughout the year. Read on to get more info on the climate & weather of Cooch Behar, West Bengal.

Cooch Behar Weather

Cooch Behar WeatherLocation: Duars, West Bengal
Summer Temperature: Max: 32°C; Min: 20°C
Winter Temperature: Max: 24°C; Min: 10°C
Average Rainfall: 3,201 mm
Best Time to Visit: April-June, September-December

Cooch Behar is one of the important cities of the Duars, in West Bengal. A tourist destination, the place promises royal and imperial glory to its visitors, enveloped by cool and pleasant temperature. The weather in Cooch Behar remains moderate throughout the year, rarely going to the extreme. While the summers are fairly hot, winters are marked by cool and pleasing climate. The region experiences heavy rainfall in the mid of the year. To get detailed information on the weather and climate of Cooch Behar, browse through the following lines.

Summers in Cooch Behar are moderately hot, coupled with a highly humid atmosphere. The average temperature, during summers, remains in between 32 and 20 degrees, with mercury rarely rising above normal. However, due to the drastic change in the ecology as a whole, Cooch Behar, just like the other parts of the country, is experiencing a rise in the mercury levels. The summers mostly start from the month of April and last till mid-June. April is deemed as the hottest month of the year.

Moderate temperature, coupled with heavy rainfall, characterizes the climate in Cooch Behar. The district does not faces high temperature at any time of the year. During monsoons, starting from June, Cooch Behar experiences heavy rainfall. The average annual rainfall is about 3,201 mm, gradually increasing from the south-west to the north-east. The monsoon season lasts till the month of September. However, the district has slight rainfall from October to mid-November. About 70% of the annual rainfall is received during the southwest monsoon season, with June being the rainiest month.

Cooch Behar experiences cool winters, characterized by foggy mornings and nights. Starting from the end of November and lasting until February, the season promises a pleasant and enjoyable weather. The region has post-monsoon showers as well, in October and mid-November, which lower the temperature, marking the arrival of winters. In winters, the mercury rises to a maximum of about 24 degrees, with the minimum temperatures being about 10 degrees. January is the coldest month of the year in Cooch Behar.