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Malda is the tourist base for the historic cities of Pandua and Gaur. Explore more about the tourist attractions i.e. places to see in and around Malda.

Tourist Attractions in Malda

Eklakhi MausoleumA trip to Malda will be fascinating for everyone who is interested in historic expeditions. As the city serves as the tourism base to the two historic cities of West Bengal - Pandua and Gaur, it is mostly visited by archeologists and historians involved in chronological studies and surveys. It also houses a museum, which has vast collections of region's architectural and anthropological samples. Though the town of Malda itself came up only in the 18th century, with the British colonial rule, the region had been the core of power in Bengal since 7th century AD. Let's explore the tourist places in and around the city.

Places To See In Malda

Malda Museum
Malda Museum is the preservatory of local architectural and anthropological samples. Situated on the Bandh Road of the city, the museum runs under the directions of the West Bengal Directorate of Archaeology. It houses ancient sculptures, porcelains, calligraphic inscriptions and terracotta items. All these items belong to the nearby regions of Pandura and Gaur and are estimated to be about 1500 year old. The museum is an important place of survey and research on the historic existence of these two very important cities of West Bengal.

Pandua is known for its ancient existence and glorious past. The city was the seat of power in Bengal for a long time. It has also undergone three different eras of glory, under the reign of Buddhist Palas, Hindu Senas and Muslim Nawabs. However, the ruins of its leftover architecture can only be traced back to the era of Muslim Nawabs. A place in the city that is worth visiting is the Jami Mosque or the Adina Mosque, built by Sikandar Shah in 1369. It was described to be the finest example of existing Pathan architecture. Other places worth a trip are Eklakhi Mausoleum, Qutb Shahi Masjid and Masjid Bari Darga.

Gaur is another place for which the city of Malda plays a tourism base. the city has practically been reduced to ruins now; however there is still a possibility for you to roam around and have a look at the chronological journey of this historical city, once a prominent center of politics and state affairs of the entire Bengal. The notable monuments of Gaur include Bara Darwaza, Small Golden or Mosque, Tantipar Mosque, Dakhil Darwaza, Kadam Rasut Mosque, Firoz Minar and the Tomb of Saint Makhdum Shaikh Akhi Siraj.