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Go through this article, to explore information on the weather and climate of the Malda city of West Bengal.

Weather of Malda

Weather of MaldaMalda is one of the prominent cities of West Bengal, located on the Western bank of Mahananda. The city is basically famous for being the base to the tourist spots of Gaur and Pandua. It has a mild and moderate temperature around the year, except for the extremities of summer, in the peak months. Basically there are four seasons in the year - summer, winter, monsoon and post monsoon. The best time to visit Malda is between October to March, when the temperature in the city is soothing and tolerable. Read on to explore some more information on the weather and climate of Malda.

The winter season arrives in the middle of November and continues till the last of February. Winter is succeeded by summer in the months from March to May. After the summers, the city witnesses a rainy season that begins in the month of June and ends by the middle of September. The rains in this city are the result of the south - west monsoons. Normally, the rainfall in the area is 1453.1 mm. The brief season after rains and before arrival of winter is the period referred to as the post-monsoon period. This season last for about one and a half month and is characterized by cool weather.