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Wild Ass Sanctuary is a fascinating wildlife hangout in Gujarat. Check out more information on Wild Ass Sanctuary of Gujarat, India.

Wild Ass Sanctuary

Location: Rann of Kutch
Attraction: Wild Ass

Wild Ass Sanctuary GujaratWild Ass Sanctuary is situated in the Rann of Kutch area of Gujarat. It was established in the year 1972 and falls under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1973. The sanctuary is also known as the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary and covers an area of 4953 sq. km. Wild Ass Sanctuary is one of its kinds in India, as it provides shelter to the endangered Wild Ass sub species Khur (Equus hemionus khur), belonging to species Onager (Equus hemionus). These animals are the strongest animals in the world.

They can endure temperatures as high as 45 o C amidst the desert without any shelter. They can also survive in drought and other adverse conditions for a long time without any problem. Wild Ass is locally known as 'Ghud Khar' and was once found in North-western India, West Pakistan and South Iran. Today, the species can be seen only in the Rann of Kutch of Gujarat. They belong to the family of the Horses, Zebras and Donkeys. This has made the creature sturdy enough to run at the speed of a horse. Its average speed is around 60 to 70 km per hour.

A mature ass weighs 230 kg and is attractive in appearance. It has a shiny white body with light brown patches. It also has brown hair trail in the centre. The species usually wander in herds in search of fodder and sweet water. They rest in the hot afternoon and live on scrubby grass. Their mating season lasts from August to October. This leads to the birth of a single young one at a time. The normal life span of a wild ass is 20 to 25 years.

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