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This article will provide you information about the Purmandal/Pur Mandal Mela of Jammu and Kashmir state of India.

Purmandal Mela

Location: Approx 39 km from Jammu
Time of Celebration: February or March
Significance: Celebrates the marriage of Lord Shiva with goddess Parvati

Purmandal Mela is organized at a venue that is 39 km from Jammu. This three-day fair is held during the time of Shivratri. It is a celebration of the marriage of Lord Shiva with goddess Parvati. Pur Mandal Mela of Kashmir has no fixed date, but generally falls in the month of February or March. Devotees of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati dress in their best attire and visit the temples. The shrine of Peer Khoh, the Ranbireshwar Temple and Panjbhaktar Temple gain special significance at the time of Purmandal Mela in Kashmir.