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Here, we have provided some mindful travel tips for Ladakh visitors. These tips should be adhered to, while visiting Ladakh.

Mindful Travel Tips for Ladakh

Each and every place that we visit has some codes of conduct that should be followed while staying there. This shows our respect to the place and its culture and at the same time, makes our trip more enjoyable. We should remember that small little gestures make a long lasting impact. In the following lines, we have mentioned some mindful travel tips that should be followed by the tourists visiting Ladakh …

Respect the Local Culture
Taking small precautions and adhering to a few rules will go a long way in showing proper respect to the local culture of Ladakh. Please dress conservatively. Do not wear short pants or other dresses that expose your shoulders, midriff or back. This tip should be diligently followed, especially at the time of visiting the monasteries. Do not take photographs or enter gardens, houses, etc at your own will. Take due permission before indulging in any such activity.

Say "No" to Plastic
Never ever use anything in plastic. Instead of throwing away your empty mineral water bottles, get them refilled. For the purpose, you can make use of the services offered by Dzomsa in Leh. They provide pressure boiled water at the cost of 7 rupees per liter. At the time of buying goods from the market, avoid using plastic carry bags. Always ask for or use cloth bags.

Save Water
Try to conserve water as much as you can. Make use Ladakhi toilets instead of flush toilets, wherever they are available. Do not wash your clothes directly in streams. It will create water pollution. Instead, make use of eco-friendly laundry service.

Save Energy
Just like water, energy should also be conserved. At many places in Ladakh, solar showers are available. Try to substitute them for the other showers whenever possible. Always patronize places that utilize renewable sources of electricity.

Limit Vehicle Use
Try to make the minimum possible use of vehicles. Instead, take a walk or ride a bike. If possible, share rides with others. This will go a long way in reducing the levels of air pollution in the valley.

Support the Local Economy When You Shop and Eat
Whenever you go for shopping or eat outside, try to support the local economy. Buy locally made handicrafts, which make use of native and natural materials. Local, organically grown food should replace the other food products. Try to avoid the products of multinational corporations as much as you can.

Support Local Organizations and Educate Yourself about Sustainable Living
After traveling to Ladakh, try to know more about the place, its people, the local economy, etc. For the purpose, you can see "Ancient Futures" and other documentaries at the Women's Alliance in Leh. These documentaries are screened everyday at 3 pm, except for Sundays. You can also discover appropriate technology at the library at the Ecology Centre. Extend as much support as you can to the local organizations.