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In this travel guide, we tell you about tourism in Padum/ Padam valley of Ladakh, India.


Location: Near Zanskar
How to Reach: The nearest road is 240 km long Kargil-Padum road, which remains opened from around mid July to early November. B-class buses operate thrice, weekly, from Kargil. However groups can charter A-Class or even Super-Deluxe buses also. Jeeps and Gypsy taxis can also be hired at Kargil.
How to spend Time/Attractions: Visiting Starrimo Monastery and Trekking
Accommodation: Tourist complex, private hotels and camping places at Padum, dormitory at Karsha, etc.

Padam Valley in LadakhPadum, the erstwhile capital of Zanskar, is situated at a height of approximately 3505 m. Today, the valley serves as the administrative headquarters of the region. Padam valley in Ladakh is one of the few ones that have a dominant population of Muslims. Constituting nearly half the township's population, their origin dates back to the mid 17th century. Padum is considered as the most populous settlement of Zanskar with a population of nearly 1500. Otherwise, the valley counts amongst the scarcely inhabited ones.

One of the major attractions of Padum is that the valley serves as a major trekking base. Other tourist attractions of this valley include the Starrimo Monastery situated on a tree-covered ridge above the old town, which houses about 30 resident monks. Then, there is a set of ancient rock carving on a huge boulder near the riverbank, just below the old township, dating back to the 8th century. These engravings prove that the region was under the influence of North Indian Buddhism.

Last but not the least, the old village of Pibiting, near Padum, is worth visiting. An outstanding manifestation of stupa architecture, it stands dominated by a charming hilltop monastery.