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Drukpa Tsheshi is an important festival of the Buddhists. Read more about Drukpa Tsheshi festival in Sikkim, India.

Drukpa Tsheshi Festival

Venue: Deer Park, Gangtok, Sikkim
Duration: 1 day
Highlights: Yak Race
Celebrated by: Buddhists
Time of Celebration: 4th day of the 6th month of the Tibetan Calendar Year (July / August)

Drukpa Tsheshi is again a unique festival, celebrated by the Buddhists. In the vein of other religious festivals, Drukpa Tsheshi is also attached with the religious sentiments of the Buddhists. The festival commemorates the event, when Lord Buddha turned the Wheel of Dharma for the very first time. Actually, this event marks the beginning of spreading religion and the first sermon that the Lord gave to his five disciples at Sarnath.

Drukpa Tsheshi is celebrated on the 4th day (Tsheshi) of the 6th month (Drukpa) of the Tibetan Calendar. According to the English Calendar, it falls somewhere around July or August each year. The festival observes chanting and prayers at the Deer Park in Gangtok. It is also celebrated in an isolated place by the name of Muguthang in North Sikkim. The festivities comprise of a Yak race, which adds a little adventure to the ambiance of spirituality.

Coming to the legend behind the festival, it is observed to celebrate Lord Buddha and his first preaching of the Four Noble Truths. This preaching was granted to his five disciples at the Deer Park in Sarnath. The first noble truth acquaints with suffering. The second noble truth acclaims the truth of the origin of suffering, accident, chance, illusion and their causes. The third noble truth confirms the termination of suffering or the realization of 'Nirvana'. The fourth noble truth says about the truth of the Eight Fold Path, which eventually leads to Nirvana.