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Sikkim observes the grand festival of flowers in its beautiful terrain every year. Explore international flower festival of Sikkim, India.

International Flower Festival

Venue: Near White Hall, Gangtok, Sikkim
Highlights: Amazing assortment of flowers
Time of Celebration: April / May

Flower FestivalA mere glimpse of a fresh flower refreshes the mind and body of an individual. Isn't it true? The divine fragrance and appearance of flowers have been entrancing since ages. Imagine a place, where you can see and feel the unusual range of flowers. Yes, it is possible guys. You just need to come down to Sikkim, the land of mystic splendor in India. Sikkim is a beautiful state and boasts of an International Flower Festival in its craggy terrains.

The International Flower Festival showcases an exceptional show of interesting varieties of flowers including rare orchids and rhododendrons. In this festival, you can also figure-out remarkable plants that are actually indigenous to Sikkim. This Flower Festival is celebrated in summers (April/May) during the peak blossoming season in Sikkim. During these months, the horticultural delights of Sikkim look their best. The venue is made near White Hall, not far from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim.

Sikkim is renowned for its rich flora and the festival approves the idea, with the display of around 600 species of orchids, 240 species of trees and ferns, 150 varieties of gladioli and 46 types of the world-famous rhododendrons. Continuing the list, you can also see variety of magnolias and many other foliage plants. However, the main attraction is gathered by exquisite orchids, gladioli, roses, cacti, alpine plants, creepers, climbers, ferns, herbs etc.

The festival is accompanied by food and entertainment in grand terms. The experts and masters of botanical sciences also come up to hold lectures and seminars. The International Flower Festival is definitely a colorful treat for the eyes and the event is important not only on state level but on the national level too. The amazing assortment of flowers confirms it as a fantastic event and attracts a multitude of people from all over.