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Deccan Festival is also known as Hyderabad festival in Andhra Pradesh. Check out the Deccan Festival of India.

Deccan Festival

Venue: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Duration: 5 days
Time of Celebration: February
Organized by: Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation

Deccan Festival is the most happening and perhaps one of the most sought-after events in Andhra Pradesh. Organized by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, the festival continues for five days in the month of February. The best features of this festival are the arts, crafts, dances, music and the 'Nawabi' cuisine of Hyderabad. The grand celebrations encourage various popular singers and dancers to perform here.

The cultural programmes comprises of ghazals, qawalis, mushairas (poetry) etc, giving numerous reasons to the people across India to attend this festival. Eminent in their own fields, legendary artists come from all parts the state as well as the country to engage in the colorful riots of music and laughter. Another interesting thing about Deccan festival is its Fair of Pearls and Bangles. This fair is the best place to check out the striking collection of lustrous pearls, jewelry, accessories and multicolored bangles.

The main idea behind the celebration of this festival is to keep the traditions and culture of the Deccan region alive. On your visit to Deccan festival, you must taste the delectable dishes belonging to both Andhra and Hyderabad cuisine at the Food Fair. Being celebrated at Hyderabad, the Festival is also known as Hyderabad festival. In short, Deccan Festival offers the best time to sneak a look into the glorious culture of the princely state of India.