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Lumbini Festival is held to commemorate the significance of Buddhism. Read about Lumbini festival of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Lumbini Festival

Venue: Nagarjunasagar
Duration: 3 days
Time of Celebration: December
Organized by: Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation

Lumbini Festival is one amongst the major festivals of Andhra Pradesh. The festival is observed to commemorate the religion of Buddhism. The event has been named after Lumbini, which is the birth-place of Lord Buddha. Gautama Buddha taught people the lesson of purity and serenity throughout his life. This festival is a kind of reverence to the great soul and his teachings. Every year, Lumbini festival is celebrated for three days at Nagarjunasagar, in the month of December.

The festival is organized by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation to boost tourism in the state. In fact, Lumbini festival gives the perfect opportunity to people to peep into the earlier times, when Buddhism used to be the prevalent religion in Andhra Pradesh. In the month of December, the second Friday marks the beginning of this event. For three days, the celebrations of the festival swathe the entire state with their charm. People from all parts of the world come to take part in the occasion.