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Andhra Pradesh Tourism
Here are provided important travel tips for traveling to Andhra Pradesh. Check out the tips for traveling to AP in India.

Andhra Pradesh Travel Tips

Andhra Pradesh certainly has the charm that captivates people from all over the world. While traveling to this wonderful state, one must check the travel tips to avoid any redundant situation. This section of travel tips has been arranged to facilitate travelers in getting detailed information about traveling concerns. Here, you can glance through numerous subjects that would help you in planning an impeccable trip to Andhra Pradesh.

While planning any trip, it is always better to check the major public holidays and set your itinerary accordingly. Take all health and safety precautions to enjoy your trip to the fullest. It is always better to hire tourist guides that are easily available near most of the tourist destinations. One must pack the clothing that go well with the weather of the place. Always carry plug adapter with your electronic appliances, as Indian plugs have round pins.

Even though most people plan their trip according to their vacations, it is better to check the best time to visit as well as the availability of accommodation. Andhra Pradesh has many things that can excite the nerves of shopping lovers, so it is better to list out the specialties of the state. Tipping, communication, money exchangers, location etc are other relevant topics covered in this section. Some basic points to be kept in mind while traveling to Andhra Pradesh are given below.
  • Prefer carrying traveler's cheques instead of cash. These cheques can be easily exchanged at various money exchangers.
  • Submit your important documents and valuables at the counter of your hotel.
  • Don't leave your personal belongings unattended.
  • Rather than traveling alone, prefer moving in groups.
  • Don't indulge in any illegal stuff like drugs etc, since it is a crime and the guilty will be treated strictly.
  • While visiting religious places, remove your shoes outside and respect the traditions of the place.