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Andhra Pradesh photo gallery peeps into the royal state of splendid charm. Check out the photographs/pictures of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Andhra Pradesh Photo Gallery

Andhra Pradesh is a wonderful state that certainly has many wonderful reasons to visit it, atleast once. Whether it is the serene beaches or the lofty hills, divine temples or historical monuments, dynamic people or delectable cuisine, wildlife sanctuaries or numerous water sources, this magnificent state has all the appeal to keep people engaged in its charms. The fairs and festivals further add to the alluring charisma of Andhra Pradesh. This 'Nawabi' state actually reminds one of the royalty of the erstwhile era. The natural beauty and elevated concrete structures bring an excellent fusion of science and serenity in the state. Have a glimpse of the royal state of Andhra Pradesh in the photo gallery comprising its pictures and photographs.