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This article contains some health tips for Andhra Pradesh travelers. Read about health & safety precautions in Andhra Pradesh.

Health Tips for Andhra Pradesh Travel

Good health is an essential feature of any enjoyable trip. One should get his/her body check-up done before beginning any journey. Inspite of the fact that Andhra Pradesh has adequate medical services, it is recommended that the travelers bring some basic medicines and the drugs prescription with them. They should make a complete first-aid kit, containing antiseptic ointment, band-aid, along with all general and regular medicines because you might not get the same medicines in India.

A vaccination certificate is required from the travelers who are coming from yellow fever affected areas. In such a case, you are also suggested not to visit Andhra Pradesh and perhaps ensure a gap of no less than 4 weeks after taking the vaccination. During your visit to the state, don't keep your body exposed so that mosquito bites can be avoided. To land yourself in a better situation, carry a mosquito repellant along.

All general medicines and antibiotics are available at chemist shops throughout the state. While enjoying at beach, take special care of kids and don't let them go deep into the water. You can also hire lifeguards during your entire stay at beach to prevent any mishappening. During your trip, avoid eating uncooked or ill prepared food and prefer drinking filtered or mineral water. While eating non-vegetarian food, favor going to quality restaurants and class hotels.

To avoid getting sunburns, carry along a good sunscreen, which has a minimum SPF of 30. At beaches, it is advisable to use waterproof sunscreens and reapply it after every two hours. In summers, the sun is usually scorching and it would be good if you use hats and sunglasses in such a situation. The strong sun could leave you dehydrate and making you ill. Thus, make sure to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.