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This article provides the weather information of Andhra Pradesh. Read about climate and weather of Andhra.

Andhra Pradesh Weather

Andhra Pradesh WeatherClimate: Tropical

The climate of Andhra Pradesh can be termed as tropical in broad terms, yet slight variations can be seen with elevation and pelagic influence. Summers, monsoons and winters are the three seasons enjoyed by this state. Influenced by sea, rivers and hills, Andhra Pradesh observes little discrepancy of weather at different regions. In case of plateau regions, the climate is moderate as compared to the low valleys and the coastal belt.

The summer season exists from March to June, allowing the temperature to rise up to the maximum of 42°C. In most of the parts of the state, the maximum temperature varies from 23°C to 28°C and the minimum ranges from 10°C to 12°C. On the coastal plains, summers are really hot and sultry and the temperature often touches the mark of 42°C at some places. The residents of plateau regions enjoy temperature climate, where summers are cooler and winters colder.

Pre-monsoon showers bring some relief to the Andhra residents in the mid-June, but leave the weather really humid. From July to September, Monsoons officially arrive in the state, but the heavy rainfall is usually seen in the winter months of October to December. Andhra Pradesh derives maximum of its rains from the southwest monsoon winds, receiving maximum of 55 inches (1,400 millimeters) of rain at some places and only 20 inches at others.

Rainfall is heavy in the coastal areas, while plateau regions particularly in the north and the west, observe meager rainfall. The northeast monsoon winds offer heavy rains in the coastal region, during the months of October and November. The winter season lingers from October till February, making the weather quite pleasant and enjoyable. The state enjoys mild winters, where temperature doesn't fall below 16°C. The pleasurable winters offer the best time to visit the wonderful state of Andhra Pradesh.