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This article comprises some guidelines for tipping in Andhra Pradesh. Check out tipping rules & guidelines for Andhra Pradesh.

Tipping in Andhra Pradesh

Like other parts of India, tipping has become quite common in Andhra Pradesh too. Moreover, tipping is regarded as an important part of social etiquette. Sometimes, it is especially expected from an individual to grant tips at certain places. It is not a compulsion, yet it has become a standard practice to give tips for proficient services by waiters, guides, porters, room-service boys, cabbies, etc. The amount of tip entirely depends on your wish and there is no particular rate as such. However in big cities, people generally offer generous tips as compared to small towns. Some tipping rules and guidelines have been mentioned in the following points.
  • While eating out at a hotel, a tip of approx 10 -15 % is anticipated by waiters. In restaurants, the tip could vary between 10-20 rupees, depending upon the class of the ambiance.
  • At the time of check-out from hotel or guesthouse, tips are expected by the gatekeeper as well as the room service staff.
  • In case you are taking the services of a tourist guide, don't forget to give him a reasonable tip.
  • If you have hired a taxi for a number of days, a tip ranging between 50-100 rupees is expected by the driver.
  • If you are staying at someone's place, their household servant should be given a tip before departure. In such a case, first consult your host about giving a tip and then grant accordingly.