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Andhra Pradesh has a voltage between 220-240 volts. Check out the electricity and electric current in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Andhra Pradesh Voltage

Andhra Pradesh VoltageIn the vein of other parts of India, Andhra Pradesh has a voltage between 220-240 volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. It is recommended to check in advance that the place where you want to stay has reliable electricity backup, since electric current is inconsistent in some regions of Andhra Pradesh. The electrical appliances that cannot go along with this current would require voltage stabilizers.

These voltage steplizers can be easily availed from the local electric appliances shops. In India, the plug outlets come in two varieties, one with two round pins and other with three round pins set in a triangle. In case, you are carrying some electronic equipment having different pin-setting with you, it is advisable to bring along a plug adapter that suits your appliance as well as plug socket. You can also buy the same from the market.