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Andhra Pradesh Tourism
This article contains information about the tourist guides in Andhra Pradesh state of India.

Andhra Pradesh Tourist Guides

Andhra Pradesh has many tourist attractions that are worth exploring. Since most of the places have some interesting facts and stories behind their structure and establishment, it is recommended to hire a tourist guide. The best part of hiring tourist guides is that they would help you in traveling around the place, keeping you at ease. Not only this, they would also provide you with the information concerning the significance of every place. At the major tourist places in Andhra Pradesh, you can easily get the local tourist guides.

Rather than bargaining with a tourist guide yourself, it is always better to request the place/hotel where you stay to arrange a tourist guide for you. Usually, the tourist guides of Andhra Pradesh are conversant in languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, etc. So, communicating with them would not be a problem. Despite the fact that these guides are reliable, one should be cautious while moving around with them. Here are given some tips for handling tourist guide in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Try not to open your luggage in front of a tourist guide. While touring various places, always prefer carrying minimum luggage.
  • Keep only the required amount of money, that too in loose currency, with you. Don't show your money or cash before them.
  • Don't divulge your personal details (like the amount of cash you are carrying, etc.) to them.
  • Don't hand over your credit cards, cheques and other valuables to them.
  • Keep a formal distance from them and don't allow them to dominate you or take you for granted.
  • Don't tip very frequently and too generously. At the end of the trip, give a generous tip, provided that you are satisfied with the services.