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This article comprises information on how to dress up in Andhra Pradesh. Check out what clothes to wear in Andhra Pradesh.

What to Wear in Andhra Pradesh

Like other parts of India, Andhra Pradesh too has developed to a great extent. The state largely contributes to the agriculture, business, exports, etc of the country. Since it is a hub of many commercial activities, people from varied classes and religions have settled here. In the present age, people prefer wearing contemporary outfits and following fashion trends. If you have planned to visit Andhra Pradesh, it becomes of prime importance to know 'how to dress' in the state.

There is no particular dress code concerning what clothes to wear in the state. However, you are suggested to dress in a decent manner to avoid any unnecessary attention. You can pack your wardrobe considering the weather of the state. Andhra Pradesh observes tropical type of climate, which makes the weather quite warm and humid. Rains are very common in the coastal regions, so prefer taking clothes that can dry easily. Only light cottons go well with the climate of the state.

Jeans, t-shirts and shirts are totally acceptable in the state, but avoid wearing skimpy clothes. While visiting temples and mosques, prefer not to wear short dresses or revealing clothes, as it could hurt the spiritual atmosphere and feelings of people. On the beaches too, prefer wearing decent swimsuits and costumes to steer clear of any redundant situation. In concise terms, one should doll up in a decent style in Andhra Pradesh.