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Warangal Fort was erected by Kakatiya rulers of Andhra Pradesh. Explore the Warangal Fort of India.

Warangal Fort

Location: Warangal City, Andhra Pradesh
Built in: 13th century
Built by: Ganapatideva and Rani Rudramaa

Warangal Fort Andhra PradeshWarangal Fort is one of the architectural wonders of the bygone era. Sited in south-east of Warangal city, the massive structure was built in the 13th century by rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty. Though presently in ruins, Warangal Fort still boasts of the dexterity of artists of earlier times. On the brink of Ekashila (a hill rock), the Citadel appears diffused in the several layers. In the mid-13th century, the construction of this colossal structure was initiated by the Kakatiyan king, Ganapatideva. Rani Rudramaa, who was the daughter of the King, further made the efforts to complete the construction work.

Once, one of the impregnable forts in Andhra Pradesh, Warangal Fort is today very popular for its architectural brilliance, which is above and beyond its history. The loose ends of the edifice include commanding gateways and graceful towers that elevate to no less than 50 feet. The remarkable feature about the main gateway comprises of the four gigantic pillars, which have been crafted out of a single rock. Warangal Fort, having three protective layers, suggests the standards of security that used to be employed to guard the inner precincts and center of power.

The pride of Kakatiya dynasty, it had two fortifications, with the inner one consisting of four stone gateways. The remnants of the fort present a valuable insight of the past civilization. The wreckage comprises of intricate sculpturea, stone works, motifs and designs - depicting animals like lions and swans. Within the Warangal Fort, you can see remains of the temples that had been erected by the early Qutub Shahi kings. It has many possessions that are worth-seeing. In short and snappy terms, visit the fort and explore this standing testimony of its glorious past.