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This article comprises information about sightseeing tours of Chittoor. Check out tour to Chittoor, India.

Chittoor Tourist Attractions

Chittoor is primarily an agrarian place that is known for its jaggery and tamarind in India. Situated amidst the picturesque mangroves, this city is still away from the commotion of the metropolitans. On your tour to Chittoor, you would never feel bored since there are many places to see in the region. The natural splendor in the company of historical monuments is enough to make you feel mesmerized. The hills of Chittoor, along with cascading waterfalls, create a remarkable sight to behold. Sightseeing tours of the city comprise various places of interest. Scroll down to get more information about the tourist attractions in Chittoor.

Nagari is a small town located on the banks of Kusasthali River in Chittoor district. Known for Nagari Hills, the town has become a popular picnic spot in the region. The highest cliff amongst the hills is referred as 'Nagari Nose', since it resembles with a human nose. With an elevation of 855 meters, the cliff can be seen from the distance of 100 km. Earlier, it used to serve as the lighthouse and today, it is available for mountaineering and range expeditions.

Sited at a distance of 18 km from Chittoor, Guntipalle is a small village on the Chitoor-Penumuru Road. The village is known for embracing Puligunda, which literally means Tiger Hill. It hill is a rock-pillar with height of 213.36 meters and makes an important place to see in the village.

Located at the convergence of Aragonda and Ponnai Rivers, Kalavagunta is a hamlet about 8 km to the north-east of Chittoor. This place is known for temples of Mukkantisvara and Lakshminarayana, which date back to the 9th century. Both of these temples represent the Chola style of architecture.