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Puttaparthi basically observes tropical type of climate. Explore weather information on Puttaparthy.

Puttaparthi Weather

Climate: Tropical
Summer temperature: Minimum 32°C, Maximum 45°C
Winter temperature: Minimum 17°C, Maximum 27°C

At an altitude of 800 m above sea level, Puttaparthi essentially observes tropical climate. Just like any other part of India, the pilgrimage enjoys three seasons - summers, monsoons and winters. The summer season lingers from the month of March to June. The scorching sun makes the town extremely hot, making it difficult for tourists to roam around. Owing to its proximity with the sea, the weather usually remains humid and sultry. In late June, pre-monsoon showers bring a sense of relief to the heat-scorched people of Puttapurthy.

Monsoons officially elongates from July to October, though the town doesn't receive much rainfall. Moreover, the irregular showers cause excess of clamminess and mugginess. In late October, cool breeze envelops the town, making the weather quite pleasant. The weather conditions in the months of winters make it possible for the visitors to travel to Puttaparthi. Winters remain from the month of November till February. In fact, winter season offers the best time to visit this spiritual haven of Satya Sai Baba.