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Tendong Hill is a vantage point that provides a fabulous view of the valley in Sikkim. Explore the Tendong Hill of Sikkim, India.

Tendong Hill

Location: Above Damthang, South Sikkim District
Altitude: 8530 ft
Attraction: Spectacular Sight Scenes
How to reach: One can easily reach Tendong by taking regular buses or by hiring taxis from Namchi

Tendong HillTendong Hill is a vantage point that provides a spectacular view of the valley in Sikkim. Located at an altitude of 8530 ft above Damthang, Tendong Hill is a renowned landmark in southern part of Sikkim. Owing to its tranquility, Tendong had been the hermit of Buddhist Lamas, who had spent years in meditation amidst the quiet scenic opulence. From the top of Tendong Hill, the vista appears to be inconceivable. It seems as if God himself might have thought twice after its creation, where everything is just perfect.

A panoramic view from the Hill scans the grand Himalayan ranges together with the valley that gives the impression of it being bottomless. The Hill is encircled by dense forests, which abodes blossoming tress like that of magnolia and rhododendron. These forests are worth exploring and who knows if you could come out with some fantastic sighting. Tendong Hill overlooks Namchi and far away, one can see plains of Bengal. One can easily come to Tendong by trekking through Ravangla and if you still want to trek more, you can move towards Maenam Hill that lies above Tendong Hill.

The literal meaning of 'Tendong' in Lepcha language is 'the upraised horn'. As per the local folklores, Tendong Hill rescued the Lepchas from flood. Tendong is believed to have supported a boat holding some people and ascended like a horn over the flood waters. Even now, the Hill is regarded as a benefactor and people pray to the hill in the rainy season, to keep them away from the calamity of flood always. On the whole, it can be said that Tendong is a great place to visit in Sikkim.