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Shopping in Himachal is as good as synonymous with handicrafts. Explore the shopping places in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Shopping in Himachal Pradesh

Shopping in Himachal PradeshHimachal Pradesh is a state that is known throughout the world for its exquisite natural splendor. People come here, from different corners of the world, to experience nature in its many facets. Where there is sightseeing, shopping is bound to be involved. In fact, you can hardly imagine going back from a vacationing trip, without taking back some souvenirs with you, be it for yourself or your friends and family members. As far as Himachal Pradesh is concerned, shopping seems to be synonymous with handicrafts.

The state is famous for being home to some of the best arts and crafts in the whole of India. As far as shopping places go, almost every city in Himachal Pradesh will have something to offer you, in terms of handicrafts. For instance, Dalhousie is known for woolen shawls, Tibetan handicrafts and other handloom items. Then, we have Dharamsala, from where you can buy things like thangka, mandala paintings, chubas, traditional hats, etc. Broadly, the shopping items of Himachal can be divided into the following segments.

Rugs and Carpets
One of the most popular shopping items of Himachal comprise of rugs and carpets. The motifs on these carpets reflect the culture of the state as well as the particular city which you are purchasing them from. Amongst the most common motifs are those of a Garuda perched on a flowering tree, flutes, lotus flower in full bloom, etc. While rugs are made of beaten wool, you can also lay your hands on soft blankets, prepared from fleecy sheep.

The artisans of Himachal Pradesh have been known for their painting skills since ages. Amongst the most notable paintings in the state are the one called Thangkas. They are made on a cloth and exhibit various Buddhist fairs and festival, apart from some poses of Lord Buddha. Apart from that, it is the Kangra style of panting that Himachal is quite known for. Such paintings are usually based on the motifs like idealization of women.

Wood Carvings
Almost all the hill stations in India, including the ones in Himachal Pradesh, are known for their excellent wood carving work. One of the best features of the wood carvings of Himachal is that they still retain the charm of the past. The most common wood items to be found in the state are cradles, bedsteads, low settees, boxes and ladles.

Embroidered Items
Embroidered items are on the shopping list of most of the people who come to visit the state of Himachal Pradesh. You will find the beautiful embroidery of the state not only on clothes, but a number of other items as well, like shawls, caps, hankies, coverlets, hand fans, etc. While in the state, do not forget to buy the embroidered kurta that forms one of its specialties.

Other Items

Other popular shopping items of Himachal Pradesh are:
  • Kullu shawls
  • Himachal caps
  • Woolen pullovers and cardigans
  • Jackets and gloves
  • Apples, pickles, jams and juices
  • Metalware
  • Silver and turquoise jewelry
  • Leather items