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Sevagram Ashram is the place where Gandhiji once lived. Get to know more about Sewagram Ashram near Nagpur, India.

Sevagram Ashram

Location: Wardha, Maharashtra (around 75 km from Nagpur)
Highlights: Once served as the headquarters of Mahatma Gandhi

Sevagram AshramSevagram Ashram is situated at Sevagram village near Wardha town, approximately 75 km away from Nagpur city. The main attraction of ashram is that it served as the headquarters of Mahatma Gandhi for six years, from 1934 to 1940. It was here only that he lived, along with his wife Kasturba, for a few years. Mahatma Gandhi built the Sewagram Ashram himself, with the material that was available locally. He lived at the ashram, amidst lush green surroundings, without any facilities of electricity and telephone

The village where the ashram is situated was initially known as 'Shegaon'. Gandhiji came here in April 1936 and after getting the permission of the villagers, decided to settle down here only. He wanted to build a place for himself and his wife only. However, as the pressure of work increased, more and more of his colleagues as well as followers came to the ashram to live with him. Soon, the entire ashram was converted into a full-fledged institution, from where Mahatma Gandhi started working.

Whatever rules and regulations were followed at the Sabarmati Ashram continued being followed here also. The time when Gandhiji came here, the entire region was surrounded by forests. There was no electricity in the village and it did not even have a post or telegraph office. One had to go to Wardha to collect the letters, which often got misdirected to another village situated nearby, which had the same name. To avoid this problem, the village was renamed as 'Sevagram', in the year 1940.


Adi Nivas
Adi Nivas was the first hut to be built at the Sevagram Ashram. Around it, one can see the prayer ground.

Ba Kuti and Bapu Kuti
Ba Kuti and Bapu Kuti are the residences of Kasturba Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi, respectively.

Akhiri Nivas
Akhiri Nivas means the 'Last Residence'. It is the hut where Gandhiji stayed for a few days, just before leaving for Noakhali. After that, he never came back to the ashram. The weighing machine used by him during that time can still be seen inside the hut.

Parchure Kuti
Parchure Kuti is the hut that served as the residence of Shri Parchure. He was a Sanskrit scholar and a construction worker. Parchure got afflicted by leprosy and was looked after by Gandhiji in this hut only.

Mahadev Kuti
Mahadev Kuti served as the hut of Mahadev Desai, the secretary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Kishor Nivas
Kishor Nivas was the only structure at the Sevagram Ashram that was built using bricks and cement. It served as the residence of Kishorlal Mashruwala, a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. He was also the part-time editor of the paper Harijan Weekly.

Rustom Bhavan
Rustom Bhavan is a four-room structure that served as the guesthouse during the time of Mahatma Gandhi.

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