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The Maharashtra travel tips given here will ensure that your trip to the state is pleasant & safe. Explore tips for Maharashtra travelers.

Maharashtra Travel Tips

The thought of going to an entirely new place is exciting as well as intimidating, at the same time. The possibility of exploring so many new places totally thrills you. At the same time, you come across new people, new customs, new traditions - all of which presents a very different experience altogether. However, you also started thinking what if I get lost there or do something that is against the established practices. In case you are feeling the same for Maharashtra, we have the perfect solutions for you - in the form of travel tips. In this section, we have provided a host of tips for Maharashtra travelers, to help them have an enjoyable as well as safe trip.

Safety Tips
  • Women should avoid wearing too figure hugging or too revealing clothes. It is as good as inviting trouble for yourself.
  • Avoid venturing alone late at night. Whenever you are roaming around after dark, it is better to go in a group.
  • Do not be overfriendly with people like taxi drivers, auto drivers, tourist guides, etc.
  • Avoid consuming eatables offered by strangers. If they keep on insisting, take a bit of it and say that you will eat it later. After the offerer has left you, throw it away.
  • Do not take out too much cash in a busy area. You will be engaging unnecessary attention and avoidable trouble.
  • Avoid public display of affection. In India, people are a bit more traditional and it is better to respect their sentiments.
Health Precautions
  • Do not eat anything from the roadside vends. The eatables sold there are very likely to cause a stomach infection.
  • Having cut fruits and salads, especially from a local restaurant, is a big no-no. Whenever you eat anything from outside, stick to cooked and fried food as much as possible.
  • Never ever drink water served at the roadside stalls, dhabas and even the local restaurants.
  • Always drink bottled water and when you buy a bottle, make sure that its seal is intact.
  • If you planning to have non-veg in a restaurant, it is advisable to go to a high-end one.
  • In case you are coming in summers, make sure to drink lots of water to make up for the loss of fluids through sweating.

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