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Get to know about local slang of Nepal. Here are some useful phrases in Nepalese.

Slangs of Nepal

It is extremely necessary to hire a travel guide when you visit Nepal because less than 1 percent of the population understands English and it becomes extremely difficult to interact. Nevertheless it is always good to learn a few lines / phrases of the local language. Besides exchanging pleasantries, it also helps to build a certain bond with the people and immediately invites friendly gestures. Following are some of the useful lines in English and their Nepalese translations: -

Hello. Namaste
Hello. (Formal) Namaskar
How are you? Sanci cha
Fine, thank you. Sanci cha
What is your name? Hajur ko naam ke ho
My name is ______. Meero name ______ ho
Please. Indicated by using the polite form
Thank you. Dhanyabaad
Yes. Hajur
No. Chaina
Excuse me. Excuse me
I'm sorry. I'm sorry
Goodbye Namaskaar
Goodbye (informal) Namaste
I only speak a little Nepali Ma ali-ali Nepali bolchu
Do you speak English? Tapalaai Angregi bolchu
Good morning. Good morning.
Good evening. Good evening.
Good night. Subha ratri
I don't understand. Maalai buhjina
Where is the toilet? Toilet kaha cha
Leave me alone. Malaai eklai chodnus
Don't touch me! Malaai na chunu!
I'll call the police. Ma police bolau chu
Police! Police!
Stop! Thief! Parkha! Chor!
I need your help. Malaai sahayog chaiyo
It's an emergency. Aapat paryo
I'm lost. Ma haraye
I lost my bag. Mero jhola harayo
I lost my wallet. Mero wallet harayo
I'm sick. Malaai sancho chaina
I've been injured. Malaai chot lagyo
I need a doctor. Malaai doctor chaiyo
Can I use your phone? Phone prayog garna sakchu?

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