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Here is a brief article on Nagapattinam Weather, which discusses Nagapattinam weather and climate, a coastal town of Tamilnadu.

Nagapattinam Weather

Nagapattinam is a coastal town. It is stretches to 120 kilometers along the Bay of Bengal. The climate of Nagapattinam is tropical in nature. The summer season starts in the end of March and remains till the advent of monsoons in early June. The average maximum temperature during the summers remains around 35°C. The relative humidity of Nagapattinam hovers around 60 to 65%. You will perspire a lot in the evening.

The rainy season starts with the pre-monsoon showers in May last. Southwest and Northeast monsoons arrive in June. It rains very heavily during monsoons. The average annual rainfall is around 1000 millimeters. The city of Nagapattinam experiences a lot of cyclones and counter cyclones during the monsoon.

The winters are relatively very pleasant when average minimum temperature remains around 20°C. The season also witnesses some minor Tsunamis. A major one hit Nagapattinam in the year 2005 that left the city completely devastated.