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Get to know about Tiruchirapalli in India. Trichy tourism will talk about travel to Tiruchirapalli, a city in Tamilnadu.


Location: Central East part of Tamil Nadu
Rainfall: 250 millimeters
Best Time: Throughout the year
Languages: Tamil and English
Std Code: 0431
Temperature: Summer: 40°C 28°C, Winter: 29°C 15°C

Shirangam Temple TiruchirapalliTiruchirapalli that is popularly known as Trichy stands on the bank of river Kaveri. Trichy that is centrally located in the South Indian state of Tamilnadu is famous for its fusion architecture and monuments. The name Tiruchirapalli originated as a tribute to Jain monks that are popularly called 'Chira' in Tamil. 'Tiru' in Tamil means 'in respect of'. Therefore 'Tiruchirapalli' means 'the town of respected monk'.

The attraction point of Trichy is a famous Vaishnavite temple named Shirangam. This is one of the biggest and most popular of temples in India. The city also boasts off a famous Shivite temple called 'Thiruanaikka' that is considered as one of the five main abodes of Lord Shiva. But the most important construction in Trichy is the oldest man made dam named Kallanai that was built by Karaikala Chola across the river Kaveri. Apart from that, the Rock Fort and Pallavas temples are other attractions in Tiruchirapalli.

Tiruchirapalli is home to many historic temples, monuments, churches and mosques. Uraiyur that is the local name of the old-Trichy city has over 2500 years of known history. The place was the capital of the early Cholas. The place later became the capital of Nayaks. The conquest of Tiruchirapalli by the British East India Company marked a major step in the British conquest of India. Even then, Trichy was considered as an important place.