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Get to know about Vellore in India. Vellore tourism will talk about a travel to Vellore, a town in Tamilnadu


Location: About 140 Km. South of Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Population: 1,77,000
Rainfall: 250 millimeters
Best Time: Throughout the year
Languages: Tamil and English
Std Code: 0416
Temperature: Summer: 40°C (Max) 28°C (Min), Winter: 29°C (Max), 15°C (Min)

Vellore, that is situated 140 kilometers from the city of Chennai, has a very vibrant past. The city that was established somewhere around 6th century has grown till date. The city has seen the rule of a series of dynasties ranging from Pallavas to British. The city has remained the seat of the Pallava, Chola, Nayak, Maratha, Arcot Nawab, Bijapur Sultanate and British Empire in the course of history. The Vijaynagar Fort that was constructed in the 13th century is an example of the formidable military technique of the Peninsular India.

The fort is the main attraction of the city. This fort was considered infallible during the Carnatic wars of 17th century. The fortified double walls of this fort were copied later in other forts of the northern India. The fort has always been the center of action in the region. It was the site of the famous Sepoy Mutiny of 1806 A.D that shook the British establishment in the south India.

The city that is situated on the confluence of Pallar and Ponnar Rivers has grown to be a bustling town of the peninsular India. The CMC Hospital that is situated in Vellore is considered as one of the best medical colleges and hospitals in Asia. The city is fast picking up as a major destination for Medical tourism in India.