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Get to know about the Vellore weather. Vellore Weather discusses weather and climate of Vellore, a city in Tamilnadu.

Vellore Weather

Vellore is situated in lower Tamilnadu close to the Kerala border. The city is hardly 70-80 kilometers from the sea as the crow fly. Therefore the city experiences a moderately Tropical climate.

Summer arrives in the month of April and persists till June. The days are hotter with average maximum temperature going as high as 37-40°C. Nights are relatively cooler with a sudden drop in temperature in the evening due to the sea breeze. The relative humidity remains in the range of 40-50%.

The month of June sees the onset of monsoon. Both southwestern as well as the northeastern branches of monsoons bring rains to the city of Vellore. The average annual rainfall is around 700 millimeters.

Winter arrives in the month of November. Days are pleasantly cool whereas nights are a bit cooler. The average maximum temperature remains in the range of 25°C.