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This article comprises some health tips for Sikkim travelers. Check out health & Safety precautions in Sikkim.

Sikkim Travel Health Tips

An enjoyable trip starts with the best of health. It is always suggested to have your body check-up done before commencing any journey. Despite the fact that there are satisfactory medical services available in Sikkim, yet it is expected from the travelers to carry some basic medicines and the drugs prescription with them. In a new state or city, it is important to keep yourself in good health. Tourists must take health precautions, in order to enjoy their trip.

Travelers, coming from yellow fever affected areas, are required to have a vaccination certificate. In such a case, you are also recommended not to visit the state and keep a gap of at least 4 weeks after taking the inoculation. On your visit, try to keep your body covered to refrain from mosquito bites. It would be better if you could carry a mosquito repellant with you. There is no need to sweat or get nervous, as proper medical facilities are available in Sikkim.

One can avail all general medicines and antibiotics at chemist shops throughout the state. Still, to be on a safer side, one must take care of his/ her health. If you have altitude sickness, then carry your medicine along. Always prefer drinking filtered or mineral water. Avoid eating uncooked food or ill prepared food during your trip. To steer clear of sunburn, always carry your sunscreen with minimum SPF 20 and apply, when required.